Larry Smith, MD

Larry Smith, MD

Medical School: University of North Dakota School of Medicine
Residency: Alaska Family Medicine Residency
Medical Interests: Medical education, global health, wilderness medicine, street medicine, and evidence-based medicine
Personal Interests: Bringing Christ’s hope, healing and wholeness to our community and to our world. Time with my wife- Beth, and our adult children- Rebekah, Caleb, Esther and Joshua. Outdoor activities to include hiking, running, biking, skiing, exploring and paddling. Training our husky puppy, Ursa Belle.

What is the best thing about teaching at AKFMR?

It is so dynamic! We have incredible residents, staff and faculty, with amazing diversity and talent, and we work in a time and place that are rapidly changing.

How did you end up in Alaska?

Literally, I drove up the Alcan with my wife, three children and two dogs, while towing a second vehicle, in order to serve as a flight surgeon with the US Army. We stayed because this is home.