Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum was designed to meet the needs of family physicians that practice in remote and isolated Alaskan communities. Alaskan bush communities differ greatly from many rural communities of the lower 48 states and our areas of emphasis reflect this. We encourage our residents to think freely so they will feel comfortable managing patients without rapid specialist access other than by telephone. Our faculty, who all have longstanding experience with the Alaskan rural and urban needs, continually revise and improve the curriculum based on the needs and input of the residents. The close faculty resident relationship has helped to maximize resident learning while minimizing those parts of the curriculum that are ineffective in meeting their goals.

See below for a breakdown of the curriculum by year or go to Core Rotations for detailed descriptions of our rotations.

R-1 Year

Trans-Cultural Medicine  4 Weeks
Obstetrics  6 Weeks
Obstetrics Night Float  2 Weeks
Surgery  4 Weeks
Emergency Medicine  4 Weeks
Ambulatory Medicine  4 Weeks
Inpatient Medicine Service  16 Weeks
Inpatient Medicine Night Float  4 Weeks
Inpatient Pediatrics  4 Weeks
Inpatient Pediatrics Night Float  2 Weeks
Outpatient Pediatrics  4 Weeks


R-2 Year

Gynecology 4 Weeks
Obstetrics 6 Weeks
Obstetrics Night Float 2 Weeks
ICU 4 Weeks
Musculoskeletal/Sports Medicine 4 Weeks
Inpatient Medicine Service 2 Weeks
Rural (Bethel or Dillingham) 6 Weeks
Inpatient Pediatrics 4 Weeks
Inpatient Pediatrics Night Float 2 Weeks
Outpatient Pediatrics 4 Weeks
Psychiatry 4 Weeks
Specialty Clinics 2 Weeks
Elective 4 Weeks
Practice Management 2 Weeks


R-3 Year

Trans-Cultural Medicine 4 Weeks
Cardiology 2 Weeks
Rural Rotations 8 Weeks
Emergency Medicine 4 Weeks
Inpatient Medicine Service Senior 8 Weeks
Musculoskeletal/Sports Medicine 4 Weeks
Inpatient Medicine Night Float 4 Weeks
Elective 8 Weeks
Dermatology 2 Weeks
Geriatrics 4 Weeks
Pediatric Emergency Medicine 4 Weeks