Jordi Pellicer, DO

Jordi Pellicer


My name is Jordi and I grew up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. My hometown is Olympia, Washington and when I wasn’t up in the mountains skiing with my family at Crystal, you could find me and my pre-Bieber mop of a haircut zooming around the soccer field. I might have been small, but I made up for it with a knack for hard slide tackles and bony elbows.

For college, I travelled North of the border and studied (played) in Squamish, British Columbia (why not, eh!?). It was an absolute dream of a place to live for four years and introduced me to a new love: mountain biking. I promise I also worked hard with my coursework too (that is, after I skied Whistler before class of course…). I got a degree studying epidemiology with a specific interest in improving cross cultural care and felt set on pursuing a master’s in public health. However, I changed course after realizing that I did not want to spend the rest of my life reviewing and writing research papers; I wanted to work with people.

Fast forward a few years after taking a break from academics and working as a professional ski patroller for two seasons, I started medical school in central Washington bright eyed and bushy tailed. Quickly, oh so quickly did those bright eyes start to blur and sag, but I managed to survive those first two years and travelled to Fairbanks, AK for my 3rd year clinical rotations looking for adventure. Spoiler alert, I found it. It was cold (like really, really cold), it was dark (two hours of daylight in the winter..), it was hard. But would I do it again? Abso-freakin’-lutely. Along the way, I fell in love (this time not with a bike, but with an actual badass woman) and as it happens, my new partner in crime couples matched with me at this incredible residency program. We are aspiring Bernese Mountain Dog parents (maybe after intern year…), quality food eaters, bike senders, cocktail makers, adventure planners, Alaska lovers and we cannot wait to get started!