Jaclyn Long, MD

Jaclyn Long

Hi! Having been in Illinois my whole life, I’m super excited to be in Alaska. I grew up in the small farm town of Elwood, Illinois where I spent the majority of my time running around outside with my 8 siblings. We spent our summers camping, fishing, kayaking, and running through cornfields and used the winters to travel to places that were colder and had more snow to take snowMACHINE trips (won’t make the mistake of calling it anything else ever again). Despite my best efforts, I remained in Illinois for undergrad and attended Loyola University Chicago. Dipping my feet into the medical world, I was a volunteer EMT and then worked as a medical assistant for a home health physician on the south and west sides of Chicago. I again stayed in the city for medical school, attending Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University.

Working and living in Chicago helped foster my passion for working with underserved populations, but I knew that I wanted to go back to a rural setting while finally adventuring from my home state. The Alaska Family Medicine Residency Program was perfect for getting me back into smaller communities while offering full spectrum training, strong obstetrics training, and ample opportunity for adventures.

Other than full-spectrum rural medicine, I am also interested in women’s health and behavioral health. Outside of medicine, I enjoy hiking, knitting, kayaking, playing with my 2 cats, paddle boarding, and playing dungeons and dragons.