Anneliese Petersen, MD

Anneliese Petersen

Anneliese was raised in the Chicagoland area, where her family took every opportunity to get out on the waters of Lake Michigan. When the winter months made sailing difficult, they transitioned to the next best option – ice sailing [imagine a bobsled a with a sail, skimming along at a mild 60mph]. When not on the water – liquid or frozen – she spent her free time hiking, biking, skiing, and reading as many books as possible.

Instilled with a love of life lived out in the fresh air, as well as deep passion for community and wellness, Anneliese used her training in Biology and Anthropology to work in community health research for a small hospital in northern India. There, nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, she met her fantastic husband, Srikanth. After a brief stint doing research for an HIV and palliative care center in New Delhi, Anneliese traveled home to work in medication access on the west side of Chicago.

During medical school at Wayne State University in Detroit, Anneliese led a non-profit organization that brought medical services out to those experiencing homelessness in her city. Her journeys in both rural and urban resource-limited areas fueled her love of full-spectrum family medicine. She is passionate about making medical care accessible and meeting her patients wherever they are. She could not be more excited to continue her training at AKFMR, where she hopes to learn from her new Alaskan community and together seek health, healing and fullness of life.