Betty Anderson

Betty Anderson, MD

Grew up in New York. Received my Bachelor’s in Physics from Colgate University with research in computational neurophysics, studied Environmental energy in Cardiff, Wales, UK and then research in non-linear dynamics at Institut für Theoretische Physik, Technische Universität, Berlin, Germany through the DAAD and German Research Fund.

After decided to go into medicine instead of physics, worked as a nurses aid for 3 years on the Vascular Surgery unit at Albany Medical Center in Albany, NY taking care of very sick patients and doing end of life care, while taking courses, preparing and applying to medical school.

Went to Stony Brook University School of Medicine in NY, and obtained a concurrent M.A. in Bioethics, Compassion Care and Medical Humanities with my thesis in using machine learning approach to identify children at high risk for developing mood disorders. In medical school, I headed a policy discussion club, worked at a free clinic for underserved and undocumented individuals and sang in an Acapella club.

Passions include public health advocacy work, global health, bioethics, palliative care, underserved and rural medicine, health equity, risk reduction and compassionate patient centered and transcultural medicine. I love to travel, have adventures, hike, sing, cook and eat lots of food, and sleep a lot. I love to garden and adore my houseplants. Passionate about sustainable living and waste reduction! And I’m excited to revive my ski skills on the slopes this winter–hopefully without too many bumps and bruises!