Congratulations to the diverse and talented group of physicians who have graduated from the Alaska Family Medicine Residency and continue to provide quality comprehensive healthcare to communities in Alaska and beyond. Our program was designed to train physicians to practice in any part of the state, including some of the most challenging settings for physicians anywhere. We believe preparing physicians for this type of practice also prepares them for practice in virtually any other setting, such as urban or suburban outpatient practice, urban underserved practice, or third world/international medicine.

Residency Graduates 2016

Peter Abraham, DO
Amy Lee, DO
Derek Bowers, MD
Rima Butler, MD
Joe Krakker, DO
Luci MacNeal, MD
Marlena Purchiaroni, DO
Katy Ryan, DO
Parin Seakit, DO
Pebbles Shanley, MD
Marya Goettsche Spurling, MD
Becky Taylor, DO

Residency Graduates 2015

Renato Aller-Zumaeta, DO
Cody Augdahl, MD
Andrea Clark, MD
Briana Cranmer, MD
Nicholas Flickinger, DO
Christina Freston, DO
Shawna Hickel, DO
Marta Lasater, MD
Rachel Samuelson, MD
Claire Stoltz, MD
Kathryn Turner, DO
Mark Williams, MD
Residency Graduates 2014

Will Bemben, MD
Emily Bos, DO
Cortney Hess, MD
William Boylston, MD
Blair Campbell, MD
William Chythlook, MD
Camillla Juhl Peterson, MD
Hallie Tipton, MD
Susan Hayner, MD
Adam McMahan, MD
Christina Tuomi, DO
Leah Werner, MD
Michael DiBartolo, DO

Residency Graduates 2013
Rebecca Clark, MD
Bruck Clift, MD
Casey Gokey, MD
Hannah Hawkins, MD, MPH
Kevin Isakson, MD
Kathryn Kingsley, MD
Erin Lester, MD
Timothy Miller, DO
Curtis Mortenson, MD
Erin Royal, MD

Residency Graduates 2012
Christina Brown, DO
Daniel Buffington, MD, MPH
Paul Forward, MD
Kellan Miller, MD
Janett Phelps, DO
Joseph Prows, MD, MPH
Kristofor Sargent, MD
Juliana Shields, MD
Beth Wagner, DO
Jeremy Wood, MD

Residency Graduates 2011
Erin Arthur, MD
Patrick Ballard, DO
Chester Bradstreet, MD
Sam Chelmo, MD
Julia Havlovic, MD
Jenny Lessner, MD
Barbara Novotny, MD
Nicole Pressman-Schneider, MD
Sarah Roberts, MD
Szilvia Salamon, MD
Rae Stevenson, MD

Residency Graduates 2010
Justin Carricaburu, DO
Tonya Creech, DO
Mary Gwayi-Chore, MD
Alice Hulebak, MD
Jennifer Hyer, MD, MPH
Mary Frances Therese Lim, MD
Barbara Piromalli, DO
Christopher Piromalli, MD, MPH
John Scheck, MD
Melissa Shein, MD
B. Heather Templeton, MD

Residency Graduates 2009
Sean Cardinal, MD
Kimberly Corral, MD
Cory Ecklund, MD
Kristen Frank, MD
Tamara Huntington, DO
Nathan Kasukonis, DO
Allison Kelliher, MD
M. Jane Moore, MD
Jessica Scott, MD
Kristen Solana Walkinshaw, MD
Anne West, MD

Residency Graduates 2008
Lorena Acuna-Eaton, MD
Darin Bell, MD
Robert Church, MD
Charlotte Cant, MD
Christopher Cornelius, MD
Ulyana Stiassny, MD
Jill Gaskill, MD
Margaret Kepler, MD
Valerie Prendergast, MD
Elizabeth Roberts, MD

Residency Graduates 2007
Bret Benally Thompson, MD
Matt Dudley, DO
Daron Dykema, MD
Ann Nora Ehret, DO
Marcia Haggerty, MD
Anthony Larson, MD
Tara Lathrop, MD
Eugene Lian, MD
Sungmi Lian, MD
Jon Stucki, MD

Residency Graduates 2006
Jonathan Casurella, MD
Shane Cummings, MD
Darius Davis, MD
Mark Lim, MD
Triin Minton, MD
Bob McAlister, MD
Ray Robinson, MD
Marnie Vanstrum, MD

Residency Graduates 2005
Heidi Baines, MD
Andrew Janssen, MD
Janel Kam-Magruder, MD
Matthew Magruder, MD
Kathleen Pelkan, DO
Megan Sarnecki, MD
Larry Smith, MD
Ty Vincent, MD

Residency Graduates 2004
Ethan Angell, MD
Sarah Charnecki, MD
Robin Galloway, MD
Ruth German, DO
Megan Lemasters, MD
Lisa Murdoch, MD
Seth Scott, MD

Residency Graduates 2003
Bayne French, MD
Leif Thompson, MD
Marin Granholm, MD
Andrea Grout, MD
Ellen Hodges, MD
Juliana King, MD
Jeremy Larson, MD
Jeff Wilt, MD

Residency Graduates 2002
Jill Blumberg, MD
Tanja Britton, MD
Adam Greathouse
Jennet Hermiston, MD
Johnna Kohl, MD
Valerie Krozel, MD
Jimmy Lord, MD
Mike Morrison, MD

Residency Graduates 2001
Joey Banks, MD
Scott DeBerard, DO
Kristie Kocurek, MD
Sharon Lemmons, MD
Grace Shimotsu, MD
Tamara Pickett, MD
Michael Reeves, MD
Julie Wilson, MD

Residency Graduates 2000
BJ Aldrich, MD
Joan Hoffman, MD
Jennifer Betts, MD
David Marchant, MD
Laurie Olnes, MD
Susan Powell, MD
Blake Stanfield, MD
Mike Sullivan, MD