Director’s Welcome

Dear Colleague,

I am delighted at your interest in the Alaska Family Medicine Residency. Providence Hospital with the help of the state of Alaska, Federal government, University of Washington School of Medicine, Alaska Native Medical Center and a number of other state and regional agencies have created our dually accredited residency to attract future family physicians such as yourself. Alaska is a wonderful place to live and work, with its abundant outdoor recreation, natural beauty, and the warmth and energy of the Alaskan people. In addition, however, Alaska offers resident educational opportunities among the best in the world.

Our program was designed to train physicians to practice in any part of the state, including some of the most challenging settings for physicians anywhere. Consequently, we have intensive rural training rotations in some of the most challenging and interesting medical sites. We have a major emphasis on cultural diversity and work closely with our colleagues throughout the Alaska Native health care community. As you’ll see from our curriculum outline we emphasize many of the important areas of practice for the family physician who may live and work in areas where there are no other specialties and major medical centers. The practice model for family physicians that we envision has the doctor providing comprehensive care to an entire community, with close relationships to sub specialist at medical centers. The family physician in Alaska often is the only doctor available for emergency medical care, minor surgical procedures, labor and delivery management and community health in addition to chronic and acute disease management in the office. Our graduates are ready to work in hospitals, offices, nursing homes, and rural emergency departments. We believe preparing physicians for this type of practice also prepares them for practice in virtually any other setting, such as urban or suburban outpatient practice, urban underserved practice, or third world/international medicine.

We greatly enjoy what we do. Our faculty and residents work in a collaborative and mutually supportive environment, sharing both work and recreation. We hope you will be as excited about the type of family physician we strive to be, and as stimulated by the educational environment we have created.


Anne Musser, DO, FACOFP
Program Director