Welcome to the Alaska
Addiction Medicine Fellowship

Director’s Welcome

Welcome to the Alaska Addiction Medicine Fellowship (AAMF) website and thank you for your interest. The AAMF is a one-year, ACGME-accredited program that seeks to train a new generation of addiction clinicians, scholars, and community leaders. Our trainees will have incomparable opportunities for personal and professional growth and will be guided into the practice of addiction medicine by a committed and passionate faculty.

A true strength of our program lies in the diversity and resilience of our community. We are privileged to serve one of the most diverse patient populations in the country, and you will work in rural and urban locations, including in remote AK. In these experiences, you will share, learn from, and grow with our colleagues and patients. You will witness healthcare at its most innovative, and we hope you will carry these experiences forward into the field. The scope of addiction in this country is enormous and requires passionate, committed, and creative leadership to rectify. The more healthcare systems and communities you work with, the better prepared you will be in your career.

Our evidence-based curriculum is rooted in contemporary learning theory and integrates addiction’s biopsychosocial-spiritual underpinnings. You will have the opportunity to engage in scholarly activity with faculty and other graduate medical learners and hone your skills in understanding contemporary addiction medicine research. Our faculty will provide 1:1 mentorship, optimizing your learning throughout your fellowship. In addition, you will be encouraged to guide your professional development, exploring areas of interest to you, be it in the clinical, administrative, or advocacy setting.

We seek individuals whose values align with our mission, who aspire to lead and innovate, and who carry a collaborative spirit into all they do. I appreciate your interest in our program – please feel free to reach out to me with any question.


Ryan Wallace, MD, MPH
Program Director

Ryan Wallace, MD, MPH

Program Director, AAMF