Welcome to the Alaska
Addiction Medicine Fellowship

All Are Welcome

The AAMF recognizes diversity as a core strength of our community and prioritizes equity and inclusion as the foundation for our clinical and social mission. We stand with the diverse communities of Alaska, including the substance using community, and seek to address the stigma and social justice issues impacting individuals throughout our population.

To serve Alaska’s communities is to serve with cultural humility. AAMF is committed to ensuring that we continually seek to provide an environment that is inclusive, safe, and welcoming towards fellows, faculty, and staff and creates an atmosphere that encourages thoughtful learning, introspection, and personal growth.

Ultimately, AAMF is devoted to fostering lifelong learners dedicated to improving health equity and their growth in cultural humility beyond their time in our program.

A few of the steps in which AAMF strives to achieve this goal include: