Tess Meklir, MD

Tess Meklir

Tess was born and raised in and around Detroit. She attended undergraduate and medical school at Wayne State University. While she loved the city, she knew that there was more waiting for her outside of her familiar mitten shaped state. She fell in love with family medicine and knew that rural, full spectrum practice was where it’s at. Her only experience with Alaska was watching Northern Exposure, but she was thrilled to match in the Last Frontier at AKFMR for residency. She and her then boyfriend drove nearly 4,000 miles with their dog (the two cats flew first class) to Anchorage where they were soon engaged at the top of Flat Top.

A pandemic hit during Dr. Meklir’s second year and she and her partner traded in their original wedding plans for a low key glacier wedding. In her free time, Tess spends most of her time playing amongst the mountains here in Alaska, eating (she’s always on the lookout for new cuisines), and hanging out with her husband and their beloved pets.

Tess Meklir hiking