Tyler Sherban, MD

Sherban Tyler

Raced mountain bikes in high school. Raced mountain bikes in college, poorly. Studied music, then studied physics. Worked in bike shops, joined electrician’s union, installed solar panels, worked for an agronomics company analyzing soil, spent free time with family and friends…and bike.

Many bikes throughout the years, more bike parts, skis, snowshoes, backpacks, surfboard/boogie board, assorted helmets.
Unwavering help and support from family and close friends throughout east and west coast. Thankful.

Read Hippocratic Oath, took the oath, chose field most aligned with the oath (Family Medicine) and now pursuing excellence in inpatient, emergency, and obstetric care with outpatient accountability throughout it all.

Now. Wife, two kids, 3 dogs. Awesome garden.

Impressed with colleagues, mentors and communities here in Alaska.

In love with Alaska, hoping to help take care of it.