Samuel Castles

Hello! Call me Sam. I moved up here from down home Oklahoma where I was born and raised.  I’ve been roaming around in the woods ever since I was a small boy and the keen curiosity I have about nature and science has not left me to this day.

Alaska is a natural fit for me as an outdoorsman’s paradise and as someone interested in rural medicine.  I moved up here with my wife, Alyssa and our two dogs, Ana and Elsa (yes they are sisters) who would love to meet you.  I went to medical school at The University of Oklahoma College of Medicine and fell in love with breadth and challenge of Family Medicine from the start.

Through the process I have developed a particular interest in rural medicine, obstetrics, sports medicine, diabetes management, and any procedure I can get my hands on.  When I am not doing something medically related you can find me in the kitchen trying some recipe that is too complicated for me.  I usually have a coffee cup in hand.  I’ve developed a particular fascination for roasting coffee, and home-brewing. I love the outdoors and you can find me doing pretty much everything from trail running, triathlon, rock climbing and hiking.