Rebecca Taylor

rebecca-taylor-r1-bioTouro University College of Osteopathic Medicine – Henderson

Becky was born in Texas but moved to Eagle River, Alaska as a toddler, and has been a happy Alaskan ever since. She went to UAA before going south to Nevada to attend Touro University to become the expert in osteopathic maneuvers that she is today. She met her husband on a blind date and hasn’t looked back since. She loves living in Alaska where she can see her family often and snow machine to her heart’s desire. She is the perfect Alaskan friend, as she loves to fish but will not eat any! She and her husband love to 4-wheel, and have no head injuries (and only one search and rescue mission) between them. Because intern year wasn’t hard enough, Becky became a mother to beautiful twin girls: Natalie and Alyssa!