Peek Ehlinger, MD

Peek was born and raised in beautiful Minnesota but always had a hefty dose of wanderlust. After a late growth spurt foiled their plans of pursuing a career as a horse jockey, they went to Grinnell College, studying political science and French to be a diplomat. The best part of undergrad was the year abroad in Paris, where they learned how to dress much better and take life less seriously. In a confusing turn of events, after college Peek moved to Boston to work as a research assistant in a lab developing an HIV vaccine. The job allowed plenty of time to explore New England, India, and Nepal, but ultimately Peek wanted more contact with humans, and returned to the Land of 10,000 Lakes for medical school. In med school Peek found new passions for advancing transgender health care, and was also able to learn more about low resource medicine in Haiti. For residency, Peek was attracted to Alaska for the adventure! And of course the opportunity to practice full spectrum family medicine in an amazing environment and culture. In their time off you will probably find Peek outdoors moving in some way, be it hiking, biking, running, kayaking, lifting kettlebells around, or photographing majestic Alaska.