Matt Leither

Matt grew up near Atwater, Minnesota, a small town surrounded by cornfields.  Luckily, he lived close to a lake, and spent many a summer day fishing for walleyes from his small boat.  Eventually, those idyllic days had to end as Matt shipped off to college in “The Land of Significantly Fewer Lakes”, also known as Iowa.  He graduated from college with a degree in Biology and a minor in chemistry, and then headed back to Duluth, Minnesota for medical school.  He was fortunate to travel to Nicaragua and Panama with health organizations, and to El Salvador, India, and Mexico as a backpacker.  He hopes to keep experiencing new corners of the world in the coming years.  Alaska has been incredible for Matt so far, and although there are no walleyes here, he’s learning to fly fish for trout and salmon.  He hopes to practice in a rural area in the future and to learn to play the fiddle.  He’s excited to meet all of his new patients!