Marta Lasater

MartaUniversity of Kansas School of Medicine

Marta was raised throughout the Midwest and had a brief stint in Indonesia but calls Wichita, Kansas home. She initially wanted to be an engineer and graduated with a Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Missouri. By the time graduation rolled around she decided engineering would make for a very boring life and chose to pursue medicine instead. After a short stint working with medical software at EPIC, she started medical school at the University of Kansas. She worked in Leoti, a small western Kansas town, for 3 months, which instilled in her a love for broad spectrum, small town healthcare. This led her to Alaska where she could have a comprehensive resident education in rural Family Medicine. Marta’s favorite experience in Alaska was a two week village trip to “the Chigniks” and Perryville, which are very small towns on the Alaska Peninsula with 50 people each. She had the opportunity to walk the black sandy beaches, ride ATVs, collect clams and meet some great people. Marta loves to knit, bake, travel, play guitar and fish for salmon. Oh, and how can we forget to mention that she played with a polar bear during her vet elective.