Lil Johnson

Lil was born and raised in Anchorage, and never would have left if it weren’t for her dream to go to medical school. She stalled leaving Alaska for some time, attending UAA and working as a barista at Kaladi Brothers. She loved knowing all her customers, and becoming part of a community. Finally, with much hesitation, she left the love of her life (Alaska) for further education. Due to her poor knowledge of geography, she ended up in Minnesota for med school – a land further away than she knew, and without mountains. After living for 4 years in a place where walking on flat ground is considered hiking, Lil is even more convinced that Alaska is the best place on earth. As fate would have it, she met her husband (fellow resident, Nick) in Minnesota and dragged him back home with her, never to leave again. She is excited to re-join a community, this time within the healthcare profession. Lil is happiest when atop a quiet mountain, but also enjoys: camping, fishing, berry picking, live music and board games. Her goals in life are to learn how to Native dance, tap dance and play the drums. In her next life she will be able to sing with the voice of either Josh Turner or Zac Brown, and be a hippy that lives in the mountains surviving off the land…and married again to Nick.