Jenny Maciaszek, MD MPH

Jenny was born in a small Kansas town where the wind was mighty, the sun was blistering, and the twisters ran wild. Tumbleweeds outnumbered the people and the cattle came to city council meetings in order to meet quorum. One especially dusty day, she hitched her ride to a wagon headed East, eventually arriving in Lawrence, Kansas – land of the Kansas Jayhawks! There she played bass in rock n’ roll bands, watched lots and LOTS of college basketball, studied Journalism and Political Science, and eventually met and married her sweetheart Nick.

After trying her hand at politics for a few years, Jenny turned her attention to a career path with more immediate potential to do good – Family Medicine. She graduated from the University of Kansas Medical Center with both her MD and a Master’s degree in Public Health.

Having spent her entire life in Kansas, she then decided to make like a tumbleweed and roll on. Once she met the incredible staff, residents, and faculty at AKFMR, she knew it would be a wonderful place to call home. She packed up Nick, two cats, and the dog, and headed North to the final frontier.

Today, Jenny is happy to be meeting and serving the people of Alaska as a family medicine doc. When she’s not in the clinic or the hospital, she and Nick like to explore the vast wilderness that surrounds their new home.