Adam Woelk

Push come to shove Adam will claim that he comes from Washington, but has lived all over the country and all over the world since graduating high school years ago. And as a child lived in both Alaska and Idaho as well. So when he matched to AKFMR, he was not disappointed. The mountains and the streams have always beckoned him with the call of the wild, so a return to his childhood home of 28 years prior has been a perfect fit.

In medicine he has a great drive for surgery, procedures and lifestyle medicine. But in the off time, it is hiking, backpacking, canoeing, and skating, anything outdoors he can do.. So it is often the case that you will find him outside. If closely observed, you will find bags in his hands collecting a variety of wild herbs to put in the pot. When in hiding, he can sometimes be found toiling over some hobby. Often he can be found in deep study of his bible, or folding a complex origami piece, or drawing a portrait, or some other artistic adventure.

Adam worked as a nurse prior to and during medical school, working in ER, ICU, Medicine, Surgery, telemetry, a mission hospital in Chad, and opening a nursing school in Ethiopia. He completed medical school at Loma Linda University in 2013. In the long run he is excited to fulfill his dream of being a true rural generalist both in Alaska and abroad.