Erin Iwamoto, PsyD

Erin Iwamoto, PsyD

Graduate School: Pacific University School of Graduate Psychology
Doctoral Internship: Alaska Psychology Internship Consortium
Medical Interests: Chronic pain, integrated behavioral health in primary care, diabetes, insomnia, medical trauma and PTSD
Personal Interests: Photography, hiking, reading, baking

What is the best thing about teaching at AKFMR?

Meeting new people every year who are so excited to provide care for our patient population and seeing them grow over the course of their residency.

How did you end up in Alaska?

I grew up in Eagle River, AK and left for the Lower 48 to attend college. I always knew that I wanted to return to Alaska and was fortunate enough to match with AKFMR as a site within AK-PIC for my doctoral internship. I proceeded to stay on as a postdoctoral psychology fellow with AKFMR/PFMC and was ultimately hired as behavioral health faculty.