Emma Mayfield, DO

Emma, although born in Mexico, grew up in the city of Kodiak beach combing, fishing, and hunting. For her, camping involved a long drive out of the city to where they would have the tent set up, surrounded by miles of wilderness, catch some fish, and grill them on the fire (that her mom would proudly build).

Back then the one single intersection with a blinking yellow light was a far cry from the big city of Anchorage that would require her to learn to drive in four-lane traffic. She completed high school at A.J. Dimond High and went on to graduate from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. She loved Alaska so much that she wanted to see more of it so she kept moving north, that is, until she reached the frigid cold of Fairbanks.

After the fourth winter up there, her truck no longer could handle the cold of -60 even with the battery and oil pan heater. After a weeks worth of taking out the battery from the engine and carrying it up to her second story apartment she came to her senses and decided that maybe this was just too extreme for her. She loved the community; the hardy people of Fairbanks were quite inviting and she was able to join different ministries and volunteer at the fire department but even the college town pizza couldn’t keep her warm enough.

Returning back to Anchorage she married her Alaskan born and raised husband Jeff and they began to settle down. She worked at Claire House, the women and children’s homeless shelter, while working on her certification for a medical assistant. After working at an urgent care/family practice clinic for two years she couldn’t help but feel called to further her education in medicine.

Everyday she worked in the urgent care she saw the need for Spanish speaking family physicians. She is blessed with her husband who is very supportive and loving so together they embarked on this medical journey with their two year old son, cat and a dog. Of course she did re-assure Jeff that they would return to the land that they love, the mountains, the snow, and the community of Alaska that is like no other. She is proud to be home and ready to be trained by the many amazing physicians of her community, and she looks forward to serving her fellow Alaskans.

When she isn’t at work she may be found at a park with her family, on a hike picking blueberries in Girdwood, camping in Homer, Kenai or Seward. If she is lucky she may make it as far as Tangle Lakes!