Brad Wine, MD

I was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas, the self-proclaimed air capitol of the world in the one and only sunflower state. Before you ask, and as disappointing as it may be, I have never seen a tornado, nor do I have a dog named Toto. After High School, I moved to the amazing city of Lawrence to attend the University of Kansas, where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology and attended many KU Basketball games. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

After undergrad, I found myself on the scenic route to medical school, initially moving back home to Wichita to work for a year at a small research clinic, then moving to Colorado after accepting a position as a clinical research coordinator at the University of Colorado. During my time in Denver, I developed a fond appreciation for craft breweries, went on many hikes and backpacking trips (including my first fourteeners), skied almost every weekend during winter, drove my jeep all over the back country, developed a love for nature photography, and began slowly learning to rock climb.

I also discovered a passion for being a radio DJ after starting my first show at a small volunteer station in the mountains, and I’ve continued doing a show on and off ever since. Two years later in the summer of 2015, I moved back to the Land of Oz to begin my next chapter in life after being accepted into the University of Kansas School of Medicine in Kansas City. As I progressed through rotations, I noticed that every specialty I experienced became my favorite, most notable of those being Emergency Medicine, OBGYN, Psychiatry, and Family Medicine. Needless to say, picking one specialty was a hard choice for me.

I ultimately determined that family medicine was where I belonged, since it offers the ability to do all of the clinical and procedural work I came to enjoy entirely within the same specialty while allowing me to form long lasting relationships with my patients and their families. After applying to programs across the country to broaden my horizons outside the Midwest, my time in Alaska was by far the most exciting.

It was there where I experienced my first earthquake, and boy did I pick a good one at 7.0! More importantly, however, I was struck by the friendly and outgoing nature of everyone I encountered both at the program and while exploring town. I fell in love with seeing the mountains and the ocean in the same place, and was inspi

red by the unique, exciting opportunities that living and training in Alaska would present. I strive to be an “old-school” physician where I can tackle anything that walks through the door, outside of the occasional bear or moose, to be a one-stop-shop kind of doc.

I believe Alaska certainly offers the experiences necessary to learn that skillset. And as a bonus, there happens to be awe-inspiring scenery and nature access right in my backyard where I can continue to enjoy my hobbies and interests outside of work. 

I look forward to becoming a true Alaskan, working with and learning from the many unique individuals that live there, and proving that a midwestern Kansas guy can conquer the last frontier!