International Medical Graduates Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does AKFMR accept International Medical School Graduates?
  2. Does AKFMR require USMLE exams to be passed with a minimum score?
    No, but all exams should be passed on first attempts.
  3. Is clinical experience in the United States required?
    There are no specific requirements for US clinical experience, but letters of recommendation from US training programs are advisable.
  4. Does AKFMR sponsor or accept visas?
    No, the program does not sponsor or accept visas.
  5. Is ECFMG certification required before applying to the program and/or interviewing?
    ECFMG certification is not required to apply or interview, but is required prior to starting residency.
  6. What is the maximum preferred number of years since graduation from medical school?
    Five years.
  7. Does AKFMR offer externships or observerships?
    No, the program does not offer externships or observerships.
  8. How do I apply for a position with AKFMR?
    We accept applications through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS).
  9. When are applications accepted through ERAS?
    Applications may be submitted September 1st through October 31st for positions at AKFMR.
  10. What type of a program is AKFMR?
    AKFMR is an unopposed, community-based program.
  11. How many positions does AKFMR have?
    The program accepts 12 interns per class.
  12. Does AKFMR participate in the couples match?
  13. Does AKFMR extend pre-match offers?

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