Afshan Khan, MD

Afshan grew up in rural Pakistan. On her grandfathers’ farmhouse, she experienced running through cotton and wheat crops, helping farmers cut the grass and feed the cows and goats, chasing sheep herds  picking berries, roasting corn, and walking barefoot through the river. Closely observing poverty, bad sanitation, and educational and health problems instilled in her an ambition to serve humanity.

She faced a challenging environment for her academic growth and became the first female from her town to matriculate into medical school. After graduation, Afshan completed an obstetrics and gynecology residency; she was awarded the title of Exemplary Service Doctor of the year during her first year.

She successfully met the requirements and earned her post-graduate degree in OB/GYN as Member of College of Physicians and Surgeons.  Shortly afterward, she earned the Fellow of College of Physicians and Surgeons degree- the highest achieved by doctors in any specialty in Pakistan. Being enthusiastic and accepting challenges she immigrated to Canada with her husband and son Adil.

What a world from flat to mountainous, warm to cold and cold to snow! She learned to walk and drive in snow piles, encouraged her son to skate and grew her family to five. The new culture, language and health system further cultivated her knowledge.  She completed postgraduate observership and preceptorships at St. Joseph’s Hospital of Estevan, Saskatchewan with family physicians to familiarize her with Canadian medical system and here her passion for family medicine blossomed.

She found the field versatile, challenging and decided to continue as a family physician for the rest of her life. Afshan’s Journey continued and her oil/ gas partner brought her into the flat, warm and humid land of Houston. She got busy in taking the USA licensing exam, raising two toddlers, and travelling around the United States and continues her observership in family medicine. She also volunteered at Houston Methodist in gynecology oncology department, served as KEY Mentor at school district and worked as clinical research coordinator at Baylor College of Medicine. Afshan’s Alaskan attraction started six years ago on a family vacation.

The family found similarities with Canadian beauty, countless outdoor activities, and daughters desire to celebrate their birthday i

n snow, and above all her husband’s job opportunities. She settled in Anchorage nearly a year ago and relishing the Alaskan breathtaking beauty of the oceans and mountains every day while going back to her home. She enjoys camping, walking, hiking and fishing with her family.

She is regular at taekwondo with her kids and is a green belt now. Afshan is excited to learn family medicine at the state of the art Anchorage hospital and extreme rural areas. After completion of residency, she is planning to pursue a career in preventive care with an approach to population-based health.