We have both longitudinal and rotational components to the cardiology curriculum. Residents are exposed to many common chronic cardiac disease processes like CHF, atrial fibrillation , and valvular heart disease in the routine care of continuity patients at the Providence Family Medicine Center. For specific training in EKGs, interns and R3s complete a standardized EKG course during inpatient night float service. Acute cardiology topics, like acute coronary syndromes, arrhythmias, new onset CHF are covered during our ER rotations and Family Medicine inpatient service, and focused on during SIMS labs, where code scenarios are practiced in life-like situations. The 2-week dedicated cardiology rotation occurs in the R3 year, where the residents work one on one with local cardiologists and electrophysiologists.

Of course, our weekly 1/2 –day didactic sessions are also periodically dedicated to cardiology, including journal club and expert lecturers.